Be yourself not somebody else. Be one of a kind not a million of a kind.

Kat Valley

Beauty of the Outcasts

I believe in the different…..

the “freaks”

the outcasts

the “unwanted”

the artistic

the “emos”, goths, the obscene, the rebels and the troublemakers,

But something I don’t believe in is the normals, being overrated, and the judgers. It’s not their life so don’t let them tell you how to live it.

I believe in being yourself.

I believe in freedom to do and be who you wish.

I believe in creativity, expression, confidence, and open-mindedness.

And I believe that everyone is amazing! No matter who or what you are!

Everyone is created different and we need to except that. Normal is boring and one thing that is over-rated.

Dress how you want.

Speak your mind.

Don’t let what others say get to you.

Be utterly and completely yourself and no one else.

Being Different;My Credo

My credo means so much to me and many others. My credo means to be yourself and different, not a robot that’s controlled by everyone else and the same as all the people. It means be original. Being your self is almost key in life because without individuality everything and everyone would be the same. Everything would be boring and question is what fun is that?

I formed this belief when I was very young because when I was little I already knew I was never going to be anywhere close to perfect. My family have also assured me that it’s great to be different since I could understand english. I am not normal and everyone who knows me knows I’m not. For example: I like to dress how I want, dye my hair odd and vibrant colors, say what’s on my mind, and be my weird outgoing self. I dont follow people…. I lead them. I don’t want to be normal. I want to be one of a kind.

My credo, “Be yourself not someone else. Be one of a kind not a million of a kind,” means a great deal to me because I love when I see people of all different kinds when I go out places. If I saw all the same kind of people it’d be boring. We are all born different with our own beliefs and ideas. Some people though, just get caught up in being someone they are not. That’s not a good way to go, in my opinion. I feel that, “Why be someone else when you can be someone new?”

In the future I don’t see my credo changing for the negative. I see it getting stronger because I will have more freedom to be who I truly want. As I get older and proceed through school I see my credo changing to a higher degree.Through life I know no action will change my belief. I will never believe normal. I want to be myself and no one but myself. This belief will shape my future in an amazing way because I won't care what others think or what they say. I will push to be my best and show them their word don't hurt me but make me stronger. I won't listen to the whispers of people who are afraid of being themselves simply because they know they will probably be judged. Everyone is judged even if you are society's deffiniton of normal. I will lead others and help them be who they really are.

Me as well as many others in the world believe this. There are groups and help to help people feel comfortable with being themselves. I want others to follow this credo instead of following the belief of being the same and having to fit in. Fitting in is faking in. No one ever really fits in anywhere. We are all born different. Its harder to continue on an act you've put on them to be yourself in the first place. Love yourself and show it off.

By. Kat Valley

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