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New Gold Label Violin by Mark L. Hough

Made from 150-year old maple and spruce, with a handmade Baltic amber varnish.

One of the most talented violin makers of his generation, Mark Langdale Hough apprenticed with Larry Wilke, the multiple awards-winning maker in Clinton, CT when he was thirteen.   In 2003, he established his own maker's studio at his home.  His instruments have won multiple awards in the International Violin Making Competitions Violin Society of American (VSA) ---(details)--.  

In 2007, we have the pleasure of matching one of his early (1998) violin with a professional violinist who's now playing in Sweden (?).   This new violin that just came to us is a rare example of the maker's exceptional work.   It is a special edition, which Mark designated as the "Gold Label," instrument made in 2011 from 150-year old maple and spruce, and varnished with a Baltic amber varnish he made from scratch himself. 

"I make only one violin like this per year," Mark said, "I use the best material I have and spend as much time and thoughts as needed into the design and making, not pressed by deadline or influenced by any cost concerns.  This allows me to apply all my knowledge and skills as a maker 100% without any external constraints to create something that I will be absolutely proud of."  

This violin was  featured in the Contemporary Maker's Exhibition at the 2012 VSA Convention in Cleveland and drew praises and compliments from professional musicians as well as fellow violin makers.

We are excited to have the honor of presenting this rare beauty of an instrument in our shop. 

Inquiry on price and trial: please call Yanbing Chen @ (216) 659-5356

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