Carlos Oquita World History

1.) Why was Jerusalem important to the Muslims?

Answer: Jerusalem was important to Muslims because it was the place towards which they turned in prayer until Prophet Muhammad changed it to Mecca.Jerusalem is the only place in the world that is of great significance to Muslims.

2.) The reason for the Crusades based on the Muslims point of view?

Answer:There were various reasons for the Crusades. They started as a result of a proclamation by Pope Urban II in 1095, declaring holy war against the Muslims in an effort to free Palestine from their control.

3.) The effects of the Crusades on the Muslims?

Answer:The crusades affected the Muslims because the Muslims had what the crusaders wanted the crusaders went to war against the Muslims trying to get that "thing" back, which was Constantinople, and the crusaders killed half of Muslims to try and get Constantinople back.

4.) Muslims perspective of other groups?

Answer: Muslim's perspective of other groups was that Muslims were superior and that they  trying to take over their land and Muslims did not like that, but they did not hate them."Muslims don't hate Christians, they just want Christians and all other non-Muslims to be Dhimmis in a Sharia controlled world that is dominated by Islam."

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