Marine Ecosystems

Ariel Enciso

A Marine Ecosystem is a marine environment in, which animal life depends on plant life to survive.

Coral Reef

A coral reef is an underwater reef structure made up of calcium carbonate. They are communities of living organisms. Coral Reefs can be found in shallow areas of water in tropical climates.

Examples of Coral Reef Ecosystems:

Interesting Facts about Coral Reef Ecosystems:

-The Greater Barrier Ecosystem, which is located in Australia, is the biggest Coral Reef Ecosystem. It's so big that it can be seen from Outer Space.

-Coral Reef Ecosystems must exist in shallow water because they need to remain between 70 to 85˚F.  

-They grow very slowly.

-Coral Reef Ecosystems protect shorelines from big waves by absorbing wave energy.

-Healthy Reefs=Healthy Water

Some of the Types of Organisms located in Coral Reef:










Map of Coral Reef Ecosystems:

Deep Sea

Deep Sea Ecosystem occurs in the deep sea part of the ocean and occurs beyond the continental shelves.

Examples of Deep Sea Ecosystems:

Interesting Facts about Deep Sea Ecosystems:

-Takes up 90% of the World's Oceans

-Deep sea occurs below 200 metres in depth.

-The deep sea is divided into five layers.

-It covers 65 percent of the planet’s surface.

Some Types of Organisms located in Deep Sea Ecosystems:


-certain seaweeds

- kelp.

Hydrothermal Vent

A hydrothermal vent is an opening in the sea floor. It is where heated mineral-rich water flows.

Examples of Hydrothermal Vents:

Interesting Facts about Hydrothermal Vents:

-There is no sunlight

-The pH of the water 2.8

-The water has hydrogen sulfide dissolved in it

3 Major Species in Hydrothermal Vents:

-Tube Worms


-Chemosynthetic bacteria

(Due to the fact there is no sunlight in Hydrothermal Vents, there aren't any plant life located in this ecosystem.)

Map of Hydrothermal Vents:

Abyssal Plain

An Abyssal Plain is an underwater plain on the deep ocean floor. It is a large area of extremely flat ocean just offshore from continent.

Examples of Abyssal Plain:

Interesting Facts about Hydrothermal:

-Depth of 10,000 to 20,000 feet

-Covers 50% of Earth's surface

-Lies generally between the foot of a continental rise and a mid-ocean ridge

Some of the animals that live in Abyssal Plains:

-elephant eyed octopus  

-the sea cucumber

Map of Abyssal Plains:

Sandy Shore

Sandy Shores are loose deposits of sand, shells, or gravel that cover the shore. Sandy shores  are soft shores that are formed by deposition of particles that have been carried by water currents from other areas.

Interesting Facts about Sandy Shores:

-Nothing is stable and nothing grows there

-all food has to be imported

-make up two-thirds of the world’s ice-free coastlines

Organisms that live on the Sandy Shores-Ghost Crabs


-Ghost Crabs


Map of Sandy Shores:

Rocky Shore

They consist of rocky ledges with pools of salty water, boulders and pebbles.

Interesting Facts:

-Spring tides occur every two weeks at times of the full and new moon

-biggest adaptation to live on the rocky shore is being able to survive both underwater and while being exposed to the open air

-The tide can rise and drop up to 12 feet on a rocky shore



-sea hares



-sea squirts



Map Of Rocky Shores:

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