Fishermen Wash up on Shore

ROME, LAZIO - A group of fisherman who set out to sea two weeks ago have now been found washed up on the shore of Lazio. One body, out of the late eleven, was found barely alive. Paramedics were called automatically trying the best they could to make sure he stayed alive. He is in the hospital as of now, and is said to be doing well. As he was riding in the ambulance he gave his statement as to what happened. "We all thought that it would be fun to vandalize the Neptune Fountain. We never knew that we would feel so much guilt afterward. We couldn't take it anymore and we felt that it would al be put behind us if we set out to sea. Just to run away from everything, On a windy, dark night, the tides were stronger than usual and our boat capsized. It had to be him. It had to be Neptune. This is our punishment for going against him." There were posters all over Rome showing sketched pictures of all 12 of the men, but after a week, everyone gave up on the search. Relatives of the late fisherman stepped up to give their opinion on the story. "Avitus, one of the now late fisherman, was my cousin. We've known each other since we were born. I know he regretted it. I know he regretted vandalizing Neptune's statue! Neptune probably knew this, but he still killed him! He's dead thanks to Neptune!" Many of the fisherman were married, but due to their death, the women are now widowed. "I've been married to Nero for six years as of this year. We've been so happy together, it was like a dream. But he's gone now. He shouldn't have ruined the statue. As much as I don't want to admit it, it was his fault. He died a noble death however. To be killed by a god? Nonetheless the sea god. An honor in my eyes! The only thing of concern is, how will my daughter and I get by? He was the one working. I'm worried for the future of our family." Neptune, most commonly known for being the god of the sea, also rules over horses and earthquakes. Neptune is the brother of Jupiter and Pluto. When his father, Saturn, was defeated the brothers split the world into three parts: the sky, sea and underworld. Neptune is said to have a violent temper which causes many earthquakes. He carries a trident with him which is the source of his power. He married Amphitrite and his main symbols are his trident, horses, dolphins, and bulls. His mother is Opis.

Ask Aphrodite

A painting of Aphrodite

Dear Aphrodite, nice to meet you my name is Decima and recently my husband has been slipping out of the house saying that he's going shopping but I think he's up to something else! One day I followed him and I couldn't believe my eyes. He wasn't shopping! By his side was a woman who was much prettier than I. I'm worried that he's seeing that girl. She's surely better than me and I'm afraid that he's going to leave me! Please help.

Dear Decima, I see that you have run into a common problem for newly married couples (or I'm assuming so). Your husband is not only going behind your back, but going for someone else based off of looks alone. Men can be such scum. You are beautiful the way you are Decima, do not judge yourself by your looks. You surely have much more inner beauty than the woman that you saw your husband with. I wish you told me how long he has been going out shopping, or how recently this has happened. If it's happened many many times, you should bring it up with him. Tell him that you were unsure if you knew what to buy and followed him out one day. At first, leave out that fact that you saw another woman with him. If he reacts like he's been caught red-handed, being up the woman. But if he acts fine, and normal, still bring up the woman. Don't say anything as if you're accusing him, I don't want a fight to brew and ruin your marriage. Hopefully he will say he was only meeting her for work purposes. But if he acts very defensive, it will be as if he's admitting that he's seeing that woman and doing things behind your back. Good luck! May the gods be with you.

Dear Aphrodite, one day as I was walking to my house after work I saw a foreign woman walking out of my house! My husband was at the door waving her off too. Why was there a strange woman exiting my house? How do I bring this matter up with my husband? Helpless Helen.

Dear Helen, your husband seems very unreliable in this situation. I'd recommend bringing it up when you are both about to go to bed because by then he will be tired and most likely too exhausted to come up with an excuse. Don't make it out that you don't trust him, but ask him softly. Say that you trust him. If the woman was not there for work purposes then the best thing for you is to pack up and move with relatives or something. I wish you the best!

Dear Aphrodite, I know my husband is cheating on me with our neighbor. He sneaks off behind the Colosseum when he thinks I'm not looking and meets up with her! How do I break off our marriage calmly?

Dear Anon, you may not think so, but your problem is actually quite common. The male sneaks off with another women thinking that you, the wife, is helpless and naive. One say during dinner or the likes, bring up that you think you're drifting apart. If he reacts strongly, meaning he says that he loves you and doesn't want you to leave him, bring up that other woman. It will take him by surprise surely! I'm sorry for your upcoming divorce, but good luck!

A painting of Aphrodite

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