California Wheel Producer MRR Wheels Corp

Located in Commerce, California, MRR Wheels Corp is a leading provider of custom rims and tires. Since beginning as a producer of OEM brands and private-label wheels, the company has since expanded to offer a complete line of styles to fit every vehicle. MRR Wheels Corp draws on years of experience in design and development to offer customers its own independent line of high-end wheels, all of which adhere to the highest standards of quality, service, and price.

Currently, the MRR Wheels factory produces 50,000 wheels per month. A planned new factory will increase production to 100,000 pieces per month. Each wheel is subject to extensive testing for quality and performance, and all comply with various industry standards, including those outlined by the Vehicle Inspection Association. The company utilizes the latest technology and precision tools to combine strength and affordability, offering customers a stylish and durable product.

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