Mrs. Kleinmeyer

ELA 10
Room 408

Contact Info:
816-736-5340 ext. 2057

Course Overview

Communication Arts II is a course designed for students to develop all communication skills: thinking, listening, speaking, reading, viewing, and writing.  Students will study grammar and literature in order to establish a foundation for future educational pursuits. 

Course Text:   The Language of Literature

Course Novels:   Fahrenheit 451       Of Mice and Men

Plays:    Julius Caesar

Required Essays:  Compare and Contrast Literary Analysis, Cause and Effect, Documented Opinion (Research), Personal Narrative, Reflective Piece

Supplies: Notebook and folder OR folder with brads & loose-leaf notebook paper

   Appropriate novel

   Independent reading book

   Pen or Pencil

  Laptop- charged and ready!


Course Goals

  • Develop independent reading skills.
  • Analyze literary elements in course texts.
  • Recognize and define selected literary vocabulary terms.
  • Develop a variety of prewriting skills.
  • Write in a clear and professional manner that expresses meaningful ideas and is free of technical problems.
  • Refine organization, composition, and revision techniques.
  • Use oral communication skills in small and large group settings to express ideas and engage in literary discussions.

Classroom Expectations/ Policies

1. Be respectful to classmates, teacher, yourself, and the classroom/building.

2. Be prepared at all times with laptop, book, paper, and pen or pencil.

3. Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings. The LHS tardy and absence policy will be followed.

4. Be responsible. Use appropriate language at all times.  Profanity is not acceptable (verbal or written).

5. Work BELL to BELL. The bell starts the class; the teacher dismisses class.

Technology and Food Policies

Students will:

  • check classroom Blackboard site daily for course information, assignment postings, weekly schedules, and/or handouts and materials
  • respect a teacher’s direction when to or when not to use technology
  • use proper grammar and punctuation in all email communications, while being professional and respectful
  • only use laptops/cell phones/earbuds/headphones during class if directed by teacher
  • have earbuds/headphones available for use daily
  • check student school email daily

Food & drink are permissible as long as they are not a disruption or a major meal and the room is kept clean.


Students are expected to assume responsibility for completing assignments in a timely manner.They should also check their grades at least once a week. Grades will be based on a total points system.

Points will be totaled and converted to a letter grade using the following scale:

           A= 100% - 90%, B= 89% - 80%, C= 79% - 70%, D= 69% - 60%, F= 50% - 0%

Cheating, plagiarism, copying homework, etc. are unacceptable and will result in a grade of zero for all involved, along with parent notification.

Attendance and Late Work Policy

LATE WORK: Students are expected to assume responsibility for completing assignments in a timely manner.

  • Make-up work - follow current school policy
  • Late homework - accepted for a maximum of 60% credit up until the end of a unit - exceptions at teacher’s discretion e.g., steps in writing process to produce a paper.

FINAL DRAFTS of major essays will be docked 10% for each day they are late. If you are repetitively gone on the days that drafts are due we will need to chat. You will know major due dates ahead of time, no excuses. Turn in your work on time!

Unless you are specifically directed otherwise, all acceptable written work should be in final draft form (this means neat, legible, proofread, and in complete sentences) and ready to hand in when you enter the room at the beginning of your class period.  All drafts of papers must be typed.

If you are absent, be proactive in finding out what you missed. Check the google calendar on Blackboard. If a planned absence is known, talk to me ahead of time.

*There are no retakes, but there are opportunities for growth offered at the teacher’s discretion.


I am available before school and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to assist with your academic needs.  Please schedule an appointment so I know to expect you.

  • Have a plan upon arriving at LH (what are you there to work on?)
  • Use tutoring time for productive activities (games, social media, videos, etc. are not good uses of time)
  • Check LH assignments regularly and attend assigned tutoring sessions


Inappropriate behavior, missed Liberty Hour tutoring, and tardies to class will result in conferencing with students or a parent if necessary. Repeat offenders may be given detentions or office referrals if necessary.

Blackboard and Twitter

I will host a class website on Blackboard where assignments, a class calendar, unit PowerPoints, and other important items will be posted. CHECK IT, and check it often. I also have a class twitter account that can be followed at @MrsKleinmeyer. The tweets will be on Blackboard as well.