What are the Meaning of Your Moles?

Moles are skin growths that are usually darker than your actual skin complexion. These mole are normal spots on our skin, but for some they are something of significance. While there are no proofs that moles actually mean something, some people believe, especially Chinese people, believe that the location, size and the shade of a mole has meaning. For them, moles are so much more than just a tiny spot your skin. For example, a mole on your stomach could mean that you are going to have a smooth and easy going life. A mole on your tummy on the other hand could mean that you are going to be wealthy, especially if the mole is smaller and lighter in terms of shade.Some moles could also mean bad luck for some people. For them, it can tell you future or how and who you are during your past life. For some, the meanings attached to the mole has a lot of value that they cannot be disregarded.

For some, on the other hand, moles can be your way to popularity and can help you get fame. There are so many Hollywood celebrities that are popular for their moles. There are iconic celebrity moles that are being imitated by people as they think some moles look sexy. For example, Marilyn Monroe has been among the most iconic celebrities in the Hollywood that has a very dominant mole on her face. Other famous people with unique moles are Mariah Carey, Eva Mendes, Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie.

While these moles are usually benign and not cancerous, some people opt to have their moles removed. These moles, for some, are blemishes that needed to be removed especially if they are on the facial area. There are also those people who has a lot of moles, more than the average, especially those that have lighter skin complexion.

For those who want to remove a mole or two from their face, it is advised to check with your dermatologist first or an aesthetic clinic. An aesthetic dermatologist can assess whether your mole can be safely removed. Make sure that the aesthetic clinic that will remove a mole from your face is accredited by your country’s dermatological association and that the specialist who is going to do the procedure is licensed. After all, your safety is still of utmost importance.

Another note, if you want to remove a mole on your face, do not do it at home. While there are a lot of tutorials are home remedies that are accessible online, it is still advised that a professional should do it. If you do it yourself, you are also risking yourself to a possible skin infection that could make more damage on your face.

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