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Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Art! Think of this page as our virtual classroom. I will keep it updated with whatever information is relevant to what we are doing in class together. Take a minute to look around and familiarize yourself with where everything is. If you miss a class, you can stay up to speed by checking out the section below labeled "This Week in Art". Missed vocabulary words are also available so that you can pass your weekly C-Notes Tests. If you ever have any questions that need to be answered before I see you in class again, you can fill out the relevant information on the "Email Me" form and click "Send Message". These emails are private- no one else will see them. You are also welcome to post in the comment stream at the bottom of this page (but no photos or videos, please), as long as your posts are appropriate and respectful. Keep in mind that anything you post in the comment stream is public- anyone can see it.

Also, be sure to check out our class Pinterest page. You can learn all about our current (and past) Artist of the Month, discover new ideas to add 'flair' to your art, and projects that you can try on your own at home. Please keep in mind our Pinterest page is public, so anyone can access it and pin from it. It is the student's responsibility to get permission to access Pinterest if necessary. Please remember to always act appropriately and respectfully when accessing our class pages... Any student not doing so will be removed and referred to school administrators.

You may have noticed our class Facebook page and Twitter feed has been deactivated, or that you can no longer access them. Unfortunately, not many parents and/or students signed up to participate, so I decided to discontinue them for this year.

I look forward to creating art with you this year!

This Week in art...

  • Monday . 12/8   We will begin class with sketchbook. Your sketchbook should be in class with you everyday. Prompt is new this week: 'Christmas' or you may choose to do something of your own. Remember we work across two pages. Sketchbooks will be graded next Wednesday 12/17 and, as always, I will be grading for time and effort spent over the next two weeks. After sketchbook, we will continue work on the Detail Finder Project. Students are working on the drawing or coloring of this project. Medium is oil pastel.
  • Tuesday . 12/9   Sketchbook; Detail Finder Project- Continue working
  • Wednesday . 12/10   Sketchbook; Detail Finder Project- Continue working
  • Thursday . 12/11   Sketchbook; Detail Finder Project- Continue working
  • Friday . 12/12   C-Notes Test- 4 words; Detail Finder Project- Continue working; Reviews for next week's final exam will be handed out today

this week's  vocabulary terms...

  • Landscape- Artwork that shows natural scenery such as mountains, lakes, trees, fields, etc.
  • Still Life- A drawing of an arrangement of inanimate objects (objects that are not alive and do not move).
  • Silhouette- The outline of a solid shape that is filled in completely; a shadow
  • Unity- The feeling that all parts of a design are working together to create a whole concept.

Things to Remember...

  • Reminder students have final exams in all classes next week: Zero Hour (if applicable) and 8th period testing on Wednesday 12/17; 1st, 2nd and 3rd period testing on Thursday 12/18; 5th, 6th and 7th period testing on Friday 12/19.
  • Reminder that both Thursday and Friday 12/18 and 12/19 are early release days for Arlington ISD. Ousley students will be released at 12:55 both days.
  • If you are not in your seat, with your supplies when the bell rings, you will be marked tardy.
  • ID's must be worn at all times. Be sure to purchase them before school if you don't want a detention.
  • Backpacks must be kept in your locker.
  • I need all green "Artist Release" forms back.
  • If you notice a low grade in Art, this is most likely due to poor grades on C-Notes Tests, which is a grade that is taken weekly. This is an open-notes test, so there is really no good excuse for any student to receive a failing grade. Poor sketchbook grades could also be a contributing factor to a low grade in Art. Sketchbook grades are taken every two weeks and are based on time and effort spent drawing/gluing/cutting/painting/ coloring/etc. in sketchbooks for a two week time period. Students are given 11 minutes at the start of class Monday -Thursday in which to do this, which translates to 88 minutes collectively, so there is really not a good reason for any student to receive a failing grade on this either, unless he or she is choosing not to work on it. Remember I am always available to discuss grades. Students can see me at the end of class, and parents can use the email form below to contact me.


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