8th Grade Math with Mrs. McIntosh

Oakdale Middle School

2015-16 School Year

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Where are we going?

This year we are following the Common Core State Standards.  Please see the list of units below to get a general idea of where we're headed and when:

Term 1

  • Unit1: Radicals & Real Number System including Pythagorean Theorem (lasting until approximately September 22)
  • Unit2: Functions: Input-Output Relationships with linear functions

Term 2

  • Unit3: Linear Equations
  • Unit4: Formulating, Solving and Analytic Methods for Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Term 3

  • Unit5: Geometry: Transformations

Term 4

  • Unit6: Working With Exponents
  • Unit7: Geometry: Volume
  • Unit8: Statistics and Probability: Patterns in Bivariate Data