Persuasive Essay

Do you ever wonder what would happen if society was filled only with evil influences? People seem to be more lured into bad influences, it is less difficult to make a wrong decision than the correct decision. Society needs wise influences because we need to pass good decision making down to younger generations, and the more good there is the less destruction will be.

Passing down wise decision will make a hug difference in society, the more of good influences there are the more of positive will be passed down. Positive as in nurturing for others and negative as in causing problems for others and a selfish person. If society enforces positive decision making then there will be more positive going on rather than gloomy.

Lets face it, were all somewhat scared of destruction or any kind of evil. To prevent this, we need to spread karma around the world to influence other people. The less of evil there is, the more joy will come to peoples life's. Joy is all that should be in this world.

Society needs more of good influences to pass on good traditions. Of course people make mistakes, but there is a fine limit to making them over and over again. What should society do now?