Most other changes of consequence

Most other changes of consequence fall under the quality of life heading. As someone who plays a huge amount of Career mode, I’m delighted that fully scouting a player now reveals their overall value (something which means I now actually use scouts) and that the number of pointless press conference events have been reduced. Being able to set up a few different team sheet formations with specific player instructions (telling the wingers to stay wide, or a certain midfielder to get in the box for crosses etc) and quickly switch between them prior to a match is a welcome addition. Having the option to ask for a near post run at corners, or switch to a receiving player at a free kick, are handy too.
But as FIFA 15 giveth, so it also taketh away. There doesn’t appear to be a way to save the individual player instructions (the ‘make runs behind’ stuff) in an Ultimate Team formation, so you either have to set them up for every single match or just ignore them.
Most irritating though, is the removal of the ability to skip certain cut-scenes. FIFA 15 is obsessed with its own presentational sheen, which means whenever someone gets a last minute penalty to draw the game level you’re going to have to sit through all the unskippable Dramatic Build-Up™ to the kick. The player stepping up. The other team complaining. The behind-the-goal camera shot.

This is monumentally stupid, and it’s an act of gross hubris on the part of the developers to assume we all want to watch this stuff every bloody time. At least when the commentary gets repetitive and tedious after two games you can switch all that off and replace it with music and podcasts of your own choosing. These mid-game cut-scene segments just can’t be stopped. Diligent PC modders, if you’re reading, you know what to do.