Why was the invasion of Russia considered bad for Hitler?

By: Jordan Bates

At the start of Operation Barbarossa, Hitler expected to take Russia before winter. After encountering heavy resistance by the Russians, Hitler's army still did not have control of Russia come winter. These extreme temperatures and the ill-prepared Germans caused many deaths. During this cold, all German troops were put to a halt and the taking of Russia stopped. Thanks to the cold, this assisted in the failure of the operation and eventually the fall of the Nazi party.

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After the battle of Stalingrad and the failure of Operation Blue, Germans started to fall back. After losing ground and the Russians pushing, Germans started to be the defense. The Germans eventually get pushed back in Germany. This showed a clear two front war from the West and from the East. German troops were split across and this would prove very bad for Hitler. With the two front war at its prime this would assist in the downfall of the Nazi party.

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A connection that could be used to connect similar events could be the American troops entering Afghanistan

As America entered into Afghanistan, they would have entered thinking it would not be an extreme challenge. As they soon find out, resistance and other factors counter their objectives and create much more difficulty then expected. Not as large of failure as Hitler entering Russia, this could still be used as a valid connection between then and now.

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