by Noah Sweet

              The Mesopotamia Location

Where is Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia is between the Tigers and Euphrates rivers.

             Why Should You Come Here

   You should come to Mesopotamia? you should come to Mesopotamia we have the best water you can get, we are also now civilization, and we have good empires.

Are water is the best you could easy make a good stable food supplies. But the catch to it are water keeps flooding are crops and you have to help us making a irrigation systems if you want to be part of are city state.

We are now considered civilized because we have a stable food supplies, we have a government, we have arts, and writing witch is called cuneifrom, we have a social structure, we also have the beats religion, and we have technology such as the wheel. We have the seven thing to be civilized.

We also have great empires we even had one empire that made a sundial, 60 min and 7 day week. Are empires are so powerful that one empire never lost a attack, also at Mesopotamia we have laws so to called the Hammurabi code.

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