Developmental, Intellectual, and Learning Disabilities

Hannah Wickstrom

Intellectual Disabilities develops before the age of 18, most people use IQ tests to measure intellectual functioning. These disabilities can affect day to day things such as reading and writing or counting money. It makes it hard to make decisions such as being and doing daily routines.

Learning Disabilities are something that happens a lot with kids, it doesn't mean that they are any less smart it just means that their brains work in different ways and it is harder for them to learn certain things. There are many teachers that can help a student one on one to help them with their learning disability. If a student is unable to read something they will learn better if it is read aloud to them.

Developmental Disabilities are something that develops before the age of 22, some of these disabilities are similar to someone who has mental retardation. It is hard for them to do most everything in their daily life. It is not at all an illness, it is strictly a disability. You do not grow out of a developmental disability but just like everyone else, they all have hopes and dreams for their future!

Future Teaching Plans

If I decide to be a Special Education teacher I am going to make sure that the classroom is a friendly place for all, I want to have bright colors and have kids close together so they can get interaction with each other.

I will make sure that I fully understand the different disabilities that my students have so I can adjust to them and make them feel more comfortable. I want them to learn to the best of their abilities and I want to be the reason that they learn easier.

Last, I want the students to know that they can come to me so I am planning on being completely available whenever they need help. I hope to become a teacher that they think helped them the most growing up.

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