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Passion, Principle, Purpose...

My partner and I recently had the opportunity to see the passion of Dallas entrepreneurs, judging Dallas HackDFW and participating in Dallas Start up week.  As we judged the creative hacks at HackDFW, it reminded me of our guiding mantra: follow your passion, apply your principles, and your purpose will be revealed.  

Each team's hack was launched through identifying their shared passion.  Together, following their principles, they worked - through the night - with sharp focus and strong teamwork.  As the time for completion neared, the purpose of their shared efforts was revealed - the creative hack.  

Indeed, it was the successful hacks that had a common structure: each identified their passion & applied their principles, revealing the purpose.  

Whether at a hackathon, looking for employment, launching a business, or enrolling in school, ask:

What is your passion? And follow it!

Then, with a strong foundation - hard work, teamwork, honest work - your principles must be applied.

When adding these factors, the sum will reveal your purpose.

For entrepreneurs, think: Passion, Principle, Purpose, that order!

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2 years ago

Judges: Michael Irvin, Mark Cuban, Doug Parker, Michelle Miller, Tom Foley