Ionic, Metallic, and Covalent Bonds

What is a chemical bond?

A chemical bond is a mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and valence electrons Of different atoms that bind atoms together

Chemical bonds are important because they make almost everything there is to be such as water (H2O), glucose (C6H12O6), and etc.

Ionic Bonds-

Ionic bonds are bonds between metals and nonmetals.

Characteristics: soluble,high melting point, no conductivity as solid but conducts as liquid and when dissolved in water

Ex. NaCl salt

Covalent Bonds-

Covalent bonds are bonds between nonmetals and nonmetals.

Characteristics: soluble sometimes, low melting point, does not conduct at all.

Ex. CO2 carbon dioxide

Metallic Bonds-

Metallic bonds are bonds between metals and metals

Characteristics: shiny, does not dissolve, high melting point, conducts all the time

Ex. Fe Iron

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