5 Picture Story
Kash Buse

Kash and Nick were two young, pretty good looking, and determined kids. They have been best friends since they were little tykes. They go way back to the rough and tough times in Albert City and now were they are living the high life. Nothing could ever ruin their egos, they are the cool kids on the block and no one is standing in there way.

One day after work Kash and Nick were walking the streets of AC when they heard a cry, not just any cry but the cry from an infant. They hurried to the dark wet alley where they found a baby cold, alone, and hungry. It appeared that the baby was just left alone to fend for himself. Being the good kids they are jumped to the rescue. They quickly wrapped him in a warm blanket and gave him a cute hat to protect his little head. Their next mission was to find him a new family.

There was a local gentleman that lived in AC, his name was Kevin. He was the perfect fit for the kid. He was a lonely man who had no one who cared for him. He helps out the community a lot with local jobs. For example he saves cats from trees although he is not a firefighter. In this way he is very protective over the little things.

They were a perfect couple and they connected very well. After this incident Kevin became famous for saving babies. He named the child Gage. Kevin now says that “the greatest thing that has ever happened to me is having the opportunity to raise such an amazing kid.” As Kevin is receiving all the fame Kash and Nick are very disappointed because they saved the baby but have not got any rewards for doing so.

Kash and Nick were not very hard on the media or themselves for not receiving any fame, so they decided to celebrate by getting McDonalds. Nick’s favorite place to eat is McDonalds. After eating they were off to better places were they can make the world a better place by saving babies and other great achievements.

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