Greek Mythology

Tyna Nguyen

Polytheism is the belief of many Gods.  

What is Greek Mythology?

Greek Mythology are the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks. The myths are generally stories and legends about the Gods, and Heroes of Olympus. Some talk about the Titans and other important figures in the Greek world and how they have impacted the Greek world. Mythical creatures are introduced, very likely they will attack the heroes who slay them. Each myth has a meaning, some may tell about how bad luck came into the world. And others could explain why we have seasons.


Like everyone in the world, we are curious. During the Bronze Age, the Ancient Greeks were curious about the world and how it came to be. They observed from what they've seen and heard.They believed that the Gods and Goddesses controlled nature and impacted their lives. After their observations formed they orally told their stories about the Gods and the heroes. The stories were past down generations until paper came about. The myths were written down and past down.

Because of these myths, the Greek culture was shaped. They built altars and worshipped the immortals. There were festivals devoted to honor them. Now a days Greek mythology still is part of their culture, and how they live to this day.


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Very informative, I'm glad some people still have bibliographies these days:)