Helping the Needy

What is helping the needy?

Helping the needy is giving back to people in need. You should help the needy because they're less fortunate then us. The luxurious items that we take for granite on a daily basis would be a once in a lifetime thing for others. Helping the needy can be as simple as handing out water bottles or even giving items you don't use to charity. There's many things you can do to help the needy. You just have to try!

What majority of the United States is in poverty or starving for food?

37% of people in the United States are in poverty or starving. The vast majority of people in poverty are living in developing regions, which saw a 42% reduction in the prevalence of undernourished people between 1990-1992 and 2012-2015. Despite this progress, about 1 in 8, or 13.5% of the overall population, remain chronically undernourished. Most of the people in poverty are children. Globally 161 million kids are in poverty under the age of 5.

What is a major organization for helping the needy?

One organization in the United States is Chapman Partnership. The goal for Chapman partnership is to empower the homeless. They invite homeless, in need, and the hungry in Miami. Even though they offer food, warm beds, and help, they don't have nearly enough room for everyone who needs it. More than 20% of people in poverty have no where to go for help.

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