Case of Lebrons Missing Lucky Socks

by Will B. and Drew S.

The Crime

It was Thursday night and the Miami Heat where preparing to play the Las Angeles Lakers. The teams headed back into the locker room to get their uniforms on and talk over their game plan when all of the sudden someone screamed, WHERE ARE MY SOCKS!?! Every Heat fan then knew that Lebron James didn't have his socks. LeBron's socks where gone and had been replaced with some red elites. LeBron told the Heats manager to call an investigator. A couple minutes later Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen came over to try and help make LeBron feel better, but it didn't seem to help because he was so worried about his socks.

The Puzziling Question

The Heats manager called an investigator to see if they could find the socks, but after thirty minutes of looking for them they assumed that someone had STOLEN THE SOCKS!! The investigators then called us Will and Drew to come and take a look, and try to find out who had stolen the socks.

Meet the Detectives

Will - light skin, tall, darkish brown hair, and brown eyes

Drew - light skin, dark black hair, medium height, and brown eyes

It was about 8:30p.m. and Drew and I were watching Sports Center when it said ,'' breaking news LeBron James has lost his lucky socks.'' Drew and I jumped up and ran to American Airlines Arena. When we got there the Heats manager new who we were and let us in.

The Suspects

Will and Drew decided to try and figure out who might have done it.

Suspect 1 - The Spurs

Motive- The Spurs were mad that the heat beat them in the championship.

Alibi- They are watching the game from the stands.

Suspect 2- Pacers

Motive- The heat knocked them out of the playoffs in the 5th round

Alibi- They are warming up to play the Pacers.

Suspect 3- The Cavilers

Motive- Lebron left them for the Heat

Alibi- They are warming up to play the Pacers.

Suspect 4- The Lakers

Motive- They lost their best player Kobe Bryant so they are mad.

Alibi-They are warming up to play the Heat.


We traveled to the different teams which we thought might have wanted to steal the socks.

Clues 1- First we went to the Cavaliers stadium in Virginia, we searched but nothing was that suspicious although it smelled worse than a kid who hadn't taken a bath in four days in there locker room, and we all new that LeBron's socks smelled the horrible.

Clue 2- We saw someone walking out of the Heats locker room with a bag.

Clue 3- The person was small that was walking out of the locker room.


We asked around to see if anyone saw anything and one of the security guards said that he had let a woman in that had a pass to get into the locker room but he said she didn't come out with anything. Also some of the fans said they also saw the suspicious guy walking out of the locker room. One fan said the suspect went into the visitors locker room.