Customer Discovery

Day 1 of a 30 day journey

An observations: startups build a lot of products that customers:

a) Do not want to use

b) Do not want to buy

c) All of the above

I'd like to avoid that. A few weeks ago I embarked on the exciting journey of launching ItsYourVet, a tech startup in the Pet Health space. I started by talking to veterinarians- a handful who were friends or friends of friends. Some general vets, some specialists, some who own their own practices, some who work for large hospital chains.

I designed the product to bridge a pain point I feel as a new Pet Parent to the lovely Duncan and a pain point vets feel trying to provide the best care to the 164 million Duncans, Flufflys, Spots and Tweeties in the United States. As I began doing financial projections and speaking with mentors, more and more possibilities opened up.

-So many different ways to charge

-So many different kinds of vets with different needs

-So many Pet Parents in so many different kinds of markets

And something dawned on me. There is more customer discovery to be done. The process of Customer Discovery and Customer Validation is cyclical. It's also super important, especially for first time founders. I've concluded, with the nod from coaches and mentors, that doing 30 days of nothing but customer discovery is exactly what I need to do to take ItsYourVet to the next level.

I'll be chronicling the journey here, leaving a trail of bread crumbs for other first time founders who want to dive deep into their market and customers. How I'll do it:

1) I'll be following the process outlined by Steve Blank in the numerous free resources he's made available online.

2) I'll be getting academic and  combing industry reports and data.

3) I'll be doing one of my favorite things- getting out and talking to people.

I welcome your comments and thoughts on the journey. Follow along- let's learn from each other.

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