1- 27 million slaves today around the world.2- at least 14,500 were found in the United States3- cost of slaves about $904- Human trafficking is modern day slavery5- Slaves are force to work without getting paid and being abuse6- Slaves work anywhere(
7- India has the largest number of slavery8- about 50 percent of these people are under age of 18 and are in 161 different countries.9- 80 percent of those victims being women 10- 12.3 million slaves estimated in 2005, now 20-30 million (

Modern Day Slavery
Till this day, there are still numbers of slavery happening everywhere. It is what we call now "Human Trafficking". About 20-30 million people are taken to be slaves and the worst fact is that, about 50% of those are under age of 18 in 161 other countries. About 80% of those victims is female. Slaves are being worked in any places you could think of, for example like the fields and even other people's homes. They are also being force to work without getting paid and are also treated badly. Nowadays they don't trade slaves, they pay for them and what's shocking is that they cost $90 to get them. The largest number of slavery happening today is in India.

The U.S.-based abolitionist group, founded in 2009, produced the new site to show the world that slavery is still happening across the countries. It took them about 16 months to develop it. The group also helped to produce a video to help people understand its mission to try and really stop slavery from happening ever again.