Crit du Chat

By Katrina and Ben

The Scientific Explanation
It is a rare genetic condition that is caused by the deletion of a genetic material on the small arm of chromosome 5.

High pitched cry, they are very light, they have different shaped ears, partial webbing or fusing of fingers or toes, and single line in the palm of the hand. And it is hard to diagnose after the age of 2. Also they have a small head. And they have a hard time walking and talking, and sometimes they have behavior problems.

It occurs in an estimated 1 in 20,000 to 50,000 newborns. It is more comen in girls that boys.

Their life would be like... they would get made fun of, and it would be hard to make friends. Also it would be hard to go to school. It would be hard to talk and walk.

This is the keryotype of Crit du Chat

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