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Las noticias de Mill Creek

Señora Bethany Powell

This year the three elementary Spanish teachers paid to have a Christmas tree displayed in downtown Madison. The kindergartner's made stars for our tree. The first graders made mini pinatas and poinsettias. The second graders made "ojos de Dios" out of yarn and popsicle sticks. Stop by and see our tree! It is located near Main Street Cafe. Our students worked hard on their ornaments. Our tree won "Honorable Mention" in the decorating contest. I am so proud of my students!

Feliz Navidad from Mrs. Ortiz's kindergarten friends

ACTFL conference

In November, Joelle Jones (the Spanish teacher at Columbia and Heritage) and I attended the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages conference. We met so many important people in our field, including the lady has been given credit for creating the first language class in elementary school. There were 8,500 world language teachers from all over the world there. We got to network with early educators just like us! We ate dinner with the president of the Alabama World Language Association! We attended many sessions with ideas and techniques that will help us grow our students' proficiency! It was all very exciting!

Back in July, I attended a conference with the Tell Project and our state world languages association. We were challenged to create a goal for our class this year. My goal is to teach and use materials 90% of the time in the target language. This would mean we would speak completely in Spanish for about 25 minutes each class! It is a big goal but I know we can do it. I am so excited about reaching this goal. We are working hard every day to be able to communicate in Spanish.

In February, we will be presenting at our state conference. We are very excited about the upcoming opportunities to grow our program and learn how to better serve our students.

My schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
-- Mill Creek
Thursday and Friday -- Rainbow

What's the buzz at Mill Creek??


I cannot believe our first semester is coming to an end. In Kindergarten so far we have learned Hola "hi", adiós "bye", buenos días "good morning", buenas tardes "good afternoon", buenas noches "good night", yo me llamo "my name is.."), yo soy "I am", mira "look", escucha "listen", levanta la mano "raise your hand", no hablen "no talking", piensa "think", tiene "has", salta "jump", marcha "march", carmina "walk", corre "run", alto/para "stop", habla "talk", canta "sing", grita "shout", duerme "sleep", applaude "clap", saluda "say hi", señala "point", muerde "bite", llora "cry", basta ya "that's enough", juega "play", "agarra "grab", tira "throw", patea la pelota "kick the ball", batea la pelota "bat the ball", rebota la pelota "bounce the ball", busca "look for", pega "hit", monta en bicicleta "ride your bike", "monta a caballo" (ride your horse), "nada"(swim), "flota"(float), "toca la puerta"(knock on the door), "toca el tambor"(play the drums), "toca la guitarra" (play the guitar), "va"(go), "salud" (bless you), "gracias"(thank you), and "de nada" (you're welcome). . We continue to practice numbers one to ten (uno 1, dos 2, tres 3, cuatro 4, cinco 5, seis 6, siete 7, ocho 8, nueve 9, diez 10. The last few weeks we have been talking about Christmas in Mexico and we even learned how to sing Jingle Bells "Cascabel" and Feliz Navidad in Spanish!

First Grade

First grade is flying by. We have learned all of those kindergarten words plus tons more! We are counting to 20 in first grade. We have been reading the book "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse" in Spanish. After reading the book, we got to create our books about animals and colors. We have been studying about Spain and their Christmas traditions. Did you know they eat 12 grapes for New Years Eve?

Second Grade

Second grade has been so much fun. We have learned so many new words. Counting all the way to 50 has been a big challenge. We are also reading the book "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse" in 2nd grade and created our own stories modeling the style of Eric Carle's book. We learned about Puerto Rico and some of the cool things that you can see and do if you visit there.

Take a look at some of the fun we have had.

A few of Mrs. Wilson's first grade friends reading a story they wrote in Spanish.

Class Points

Class behavior and participation will be tracked using Class Dojo. During Spanish, the entire class will receive points for doing positive things or they can have points taken away for negative behaviors. The teacher will receive a progress report after the class with notes about the points that were received or taken away. There will be rewards when the students reach 25 points, 50 points, 100 points, and 200 points.

Shout out to the classes that have already reached 50 points!!!

We have celebrated by watching Elena of Avalor's Navidad episode and receiving cool Spanish pencils.

Some of our favorite songs from Spanish class


Feliz Navidad

Good Morning (Buenos Dias) Song

Colors and Numbers Song!

Colores, Colores Song

Counting 1-10 in Spanish

Rockalingua's Buenos Dias Song - 1st and 2nd Grade

Basho's number song -
1st and 2nd grade

Rockalinuga numbers song -
2nd grade