Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

1) The Great Depression was a period when the U.S. economy collapsed. Most of the people in America became poor and lost their homes. The Great Depression affected mostly a lot of families with marriage. It was from (1929-39).

Colleges In The 1930's

1) Tuition was $250   

   Books were $60, Board and Room was $27 a month

   Some difference were the Education is better now than in 1930, and College was way     more cheaper in 1930 than it is now.   

2) The cost of gas in 1930 was 10 cents.

     Peanut Butter 23 cents QT, Dozen Eggs 18 Cents, and Sliced Baked Ham 39 cents per pound.

Cost of a new car was $600.00

Cost of a new house $3,845.00

Stan's Apology Letter

1. Dear Mr. Strohiem

      I am very sorry for kicking the dirt on your shoes. Even though it was none of my business. I need this job because my family is having lots of trouble financially and they really on my pay check every week.

     I should have minded my own business. The only reason that i did that is because I was doing what i believe in and i think you would have to. I was a real idiot for doing what i did.

      I help my dad with all the expense's on the apartment. I am deeply sorry and apologizes for all of my actions. I hope you can really consider accepting my apology letter.

Broadway Show


- Composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz first learned of Wicked while he was on vacation in Hawaii.

- The Wicked Witch is not named in the original L. Frank Baum novel.

-$85.00 for one ticket

Personal review of Brighton Beach Memoirs

I think this book was decent. It wasn't particularly exciting, but it wasn't boring. I enjoyed the fact that you could never predict what would happen next. The plot took many interesting twists and turns, never settling in one place. As soon as you thought that nothing else bad could happen, something truly unfortunate happen.

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