Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

                                                   Friday, May 2nd 2014

          Here are all of the events that happened over the course of this week!!

                       Feel free to post any comments that you have below!!

Upcoming Events


Discovering rates of change was a great success! Students were able to see real life applications to using in and out charts that we had worked on in the beginning of the year. The students were able to see how far they have come over the last few months! It was terrific to remind the students their comments and concerns about the difficulty they originally had with this concept, because they were able to apply that quickly and easily in this new area!!

We just started working on determining probability on Friday! The class kicked off this concept with a bang! Next week we will be doing a variety of different activities involving dice, marbles and bouncy balls! Students will then create their own probability situations to share with the class!


We have found a terrific rhythm in our persuasive letters! The students were able to see how using quotations can take your writing to a new level. We also discussed why we need to be selective about how and when we use quotations. After students selected quotes to include in their writing they then needed to take a deeper look into how they analyzed their own writing.

And as we approach the conclusion of our letter stage we introduced the proper way to address a letter and envelope. The students will be turning in their letters personally to Mrs. Slaughter on Tuesday!

Social Studies

As we have entered the details of the Civil War the students have done a terrific job of delving into deeper thinking! We started the week describing life during the time period. Specifically what it would have been like for a solider on both the Union and Confederate Armies.

We then focused on the importance of the Battle of Antietam in relation to Lincoln's Emmancipation Proclamation. This truly changed the purpose of the war for not just the Union and Confederacy, but also for the countries that considered supporting them.

Today we started discussing a summary of major battles through the war and just started working on the significance of the Gettysburg Address. We will continue this discussion into next week. Where the students will be composing their own versions of this historic two minute speech!


We concluded our final week of MAP testing this week! The students were welcomed by streamers and encouraging posters from the staff of Tuesday!

We also reviewed some valuable concepts, such as; writing a hypothesis, writing a food chain and playing a jeopardy style quiz game!


Monday, May 5th- Day 3 (Music)

Tuesday, May 6th- Day 4 (P.E.)

Wednesday, May 7th- Day 1 (Art)

Thursday, May 8th- Day 2 (LMC)

Friday, May 9th- Day 3 (Music)