Canadian Parliament

Ms Panagakos, Civics

What do we have here? What? No. No, it's not Hogwarts. But it is still a pretty big deal. This is the Canadian Parliament Building. This is the launching point for what we want to learn about; the government in Canada.


The Structure of Government

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Key Terms and Definitions

Set up a chart like the one below. Use the buttons and videos on this tackk to help you answer all the questions and fill in the chart.


1. Why is the Queen the Head of the Government in Canada?

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Click the button below. Use the navigation links on the left hand side to search through the information and fill in the chart.

Seating in the House of Commons

You will receive a handout from your teacher with the above image a space to fill in the blanks. Use the bellow buttons to help you fill in the answers and understand the seating of the House of Commons.

Ricker Mercer Report: Canada Explained

Any questions left? Rick Mercer will explain it all!

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