Relationship Unit Assignment

Students will identify signs of an unhealthy relationship and develop strategies to deal with them

Hello Grade 9s! For our Relationship Unit you will be responsible for developing strategies to deal with unhealthy relationships. Below are THREE options for showcasing your strategies. Please select ONE of the options listed. If there is another way you would like to present your strategies, please come talk to me before the end of class today. This assignment can be completed on your own, or in a group (2-3 members per group).


Option 1: Professional Resources

When it comes to unhealthy or abusive relationships, sometimes professional help is needed. In class, I provided three examples: Kids Help Phone, Love is Respect, and the Pride Centre of Edmonton. Your job is to search out an additional excellent resource.

An successful resource would be:

  • Accessible i.e. Does it have a website? Are there multiple ways to communicate with the counsellors? Is it located in Edmonton?
  • Available to all teens i.e. Is it designed for all genders? Is it LGBTQ+ friendly?
  • Professional i.e. Are the people involved qualified? Is it government run? Is it respected?
  • Helpful i.e. Would you want to use it? Would you recommend it to your peers? Is it current? Do they treat teenage relationships with respect?

Once you have located a resource that you feel would be valuable to teenagers in relationships, you will be creating a poster. The poster should answer the above questions of accessibility, availability, professional qualities, and helpfulness. The poster could also include anything you think would be valuable from the resource, i.e. a quiz to determine if your relationship is healthy. Your poster should also be visually appealing and organized. Be creative! To create your poster you can make a physical copy, or you can make one online using Poster My Wall. Online posters will be linked on the classroom blog, and truly exceptional examples will be printed and displayed in the school.

Option 2: Movie

After class today, you should be able to define an unhealthy or abusive behaviour. For this assignment option, your role is to provide solutions for an unhealthy or abusive behaviour.

For example, imagine your unhealthy behaviour is Partner A yelling at Partner B. Partner B's healthy response to this might be calmly asking Partner A to speak respectfully instead of yelling. If this is a repeated offence Partner B might choose to speak an adult they trust to get help. A healthy alternative for Partner A instead of yelling at their partner when they are mad would be waiting 48 hours to discuss the issue so that they can speak calmly, or perhaps seeking counselling.

For this assignment you will be making a video. Your video will display role-playing that demonstrates a clear, unhealthy or abusive behaviour, and a healthy response or alternative for said behaviour. Be creative!

A successful video will have:

  • 3-5 unhealthy or abusive behaviours
  • Healthy and appropriate solutions for each behaviour

To create your video, you can use iMovie (app available on school iPads, can also be downloaded to a mobile device, $4.99), Puppet Pals (app that can be downloaded on school iPads or mobile devices, free), or Go Animate (website that can be used on school iPads or computers, free). Finished movies will be linked on the classroom blog, and truly exceptional movies will be shown in class.

Option 3: Infographic

Awareness and education are incredibly important when it comes to combatting any given issue. For this assignment, you will be creating an infographic about unhealthy or abusive relationships.

Infographics work best when they are trying to convey a specific message. Perhaps you want your infographic to explore domestic violence or social media and relationships. Once you have selected and researched your topic, you can create your infographic.

A successful infographic will:

  • Have a clear message
  • Cite all statistics
  • Use several reputable sources
  • Be clear and easy to follow
  • Visually appealing

If you are unsure of what an infographic looks like, I have provided an example below. To create your infographic, use or Piktograph. Finished infographics will be linked on the classroom blog, and truly exceptional infographics will be printed off and displayed in the school.

Infographic example