Mobile Apps for Literacy

Educational apps for grade K-12

Apps are used for educational purposes and support learning in classrooms.

Mobl 21

Mobl 21 is a mobile learning application that allows students to study anywhere and anytime. They are able to connect through this app and use variety of tools that can support their learning. Students are able download, create flash cards and quizzes just through their mobile. As they wait for the bus, walk home, or just out with their parents they are able to study at their own pace. They are also able to publish to other social network devices.

"Create, Mange, Publish"


Animoto is a free 30 seconds video making mobile app. It create professional quality videos with variety of backgrounds and music. Students are able to personalize with their interests and theme of the video. Short projects can be made through this app, such as sharing what they have done over the holiday or the weekend. Students can share their video in other social network sites. They can see other students' videos and connect through web during the holidays.

QR Code Generators

A mobile app that has the ability to read code generating and create code by storing URL. Students can encode their personalized website in a QR code and share with the classmates. They can also hand in their sites with the code instead of specific URL. Only the number of scans and regular static QR codes are free. Teachers can also share their big projects by giving out QR codes.


WordPress is a free mobile app that students can use to build and customize as their own blogs. Students can post their weekly journals, reports, book reviews or other projects online. They can update images, videos, music, and different kinds of media. Teachers could do monthly check ups and follow if they are updating regularly.  Students should use this app and post their reflection on each lessons and share what they have learned.


ISpeech is a free speech text and speech recognition mobile app that is available on itunes. It is beneficial for students with disability in speaking and pronunciation. Different languages are available for students that are from different countries. This app breaks is a helpful tool that can be use for disability students