Texas A&M University


College History and Origin

§ Texas A&M is Texas' first public institution of higher education and is currently the fourth-largest university in the United States. However, Texas A&M originated from the Morrill Act that was approved in 1862.

§ It was founded on April 17, 1871 in Brazos County, TX and was originally 2,416 acres of land. Now Texas A&M currently has a student body of more than 50,000 and it's campus is more than 5,200 acres.

§ In 1960 President James Earl Rudder allowed diversity in the university by welcoming African-Americans and formally admitted woman. During this time the letters "A&M" became a symbol for the university's past and no longer stood for "Agricultural & Mechanical".

Admission Requirements

  • Rank in the top 10% of their graduating class
  • SAT Critical Reading-600+
  • SAT Math-600+
  • ACT-30
  • Personal Achievements
  • Information Shared in both essays A and B

Cost and Tuition

Fight Song

Student Life

Midnight Yell

  • The night before every home game, Aggies hold Midnight Yell at Kyle Field. More than 25,000 people attend and the yell leaders lead the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and current and former students into the stadium.
  • Once everyone is "settled" the yell leaders lead the crowd in chants raging from the first yells to the "Aggie War Hymn".

Degree plan

Freshmen Year:

1st Semester

  • AGLS 101
  • BIOL 111
  • CHEM 101/111
  • MATH 141 or 166
  • FIVS 205

2nd Semester

  • BIOL 112
  • CHEM 102/112
  • Communication Elective (1)
  • MATH 142 or 131

Sophomore Year:

1st Semester

  • CHEM 227/237
  • PHYS 201
  • Communication Elective (1)
  • U.S. History Elective (1)

2nd Semester

  • CHEM 228/238
  • PHYS 202
  • Philosophy, Culture & Language elective (1)
  • U.S. History elective (1)

Junior Year:

1st Semester

  • FIVS 482
  • BICH 410
  • BICH 412
  • FIVS 308
  • CHEM 316
  • CHEM 316
  • Directed Electives (2)

2nd Semester

  • FIVS 481
  • FIVS 431/432
  • BICH 411
  • Creative Arts Elective (1)
  • Political Science Elective (1)
  • FIVS 422

Senior Year:

1st Semester

  • FIVS 484 or 491
  • FIVS 316
  • FIVS 401
  • Political Science Elective (1)
  • Directed Electives (2)

2nd Semester

  • FIVS 415
  • FIVS 435
  • STAT 302
  • Social & Behavioral Science Elective (1)
  • Elective

Crime Scene Analyst Description


Current Demand:Higher than 15% for all occupations

Job Description:Collect and catalog physical evidence from crime scenes.

Job Requirements

  • A master’s degree in forensic science.
  • Programs that emphasize laboratory science and research, with coursework in crime scenes, physical evidence, ethics and quality assurance as well as interaction with working forensic laboratories.
  • To become certified, the criminalist must study for and pass an exam administered by the American Board of Criminalistics.
  • Continuing education is required throughout the career.

Letter OF Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

Without a doubt, I am writing a recommendation letter to Luz Cano to aid her in applying to Texas A&M University. Ms. Cano has showed many positive attributes in my class that involved working with her fellow classmates. I have been a teacher to Luz for four years and it has brought me joy to give valuable information to this amazing individual. She is a student who strives to exceed in her academics and who is very helpful to others, those are two of the many characteristics that make her a great student and out stand the most.

Ms. Cano is understanding, determined, and is intelligent in all of her courses. She grasps more knowledge as soon as it is taught and when not, she is insisted on obtaining and getting a better understanding of the subject. She has set many goals for herself that many others and I know she will achieve with ease. Ms. Cano is a student who is overall an achiever in all of her classes because she puts what is important first, her education.

Ms. Cano is a wonderful student who has impressed her teachers, including myself, in all of the things she has done. By what I have observed, she has made an impact to other students in a positive way by being able to guide them in an effort to correctly complete any school-related items. Overall she is a perfect student that deserves to be at Texas A&M University.

Alexis Fabela

AP Biomedical Teacher

El Dorado High School

El Paso, TX 79938

Tel: (123) 456-7890

Email: fabela.alexis17@gmail.com

Cover Letter

Erika Davis


1475 George Dieter Ste I, El Paso, TX 79936

May 19, 2015

Good Afternoon Erika,

I am applying for the position of sandwich artist at Subway.

I would be delighted to work at Subway and I feel confident that working as a sandwich artist will come easy to me. This is because I can easily communicate with people and I am told that I look approachable. Helping people is something that I love to do so helping customers won’t be a problem at all, regardless of the task. Also Subway is my prefered fast food restaurant therefore, I believe that will help my job when it comes to advising/helping customers. I am very interested in this position and i consider myself to be a responsible person that provides the best work I obtain.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Luz Cano

1234 Applewood, El Paso TX



Luz Pamela Cano

1234 Apple Wood El Paso, TX 79925

Phone: (915)123-4567 Fax: [Your Fax] E-Mail: luz.cano@gmail.com


To obtain a crime scene investigator position to be able to aid in solving cases and providing the best evidence to do so and put to justice those who have committed crimes.


El Paso County Crime Scene Unit (internship) [January 2015-May 2015]

  • Collected evidence utilizing the adequate tools to find hidden evidence.
  • Took various detailed photographs of crime scenes.
  • Placed all gathered evidence safely in the designated storage.


El Dorado High School [August 2007-May 2011]

  • H.S. Diploma
  • IB Graduate
  • Top 10%
  • National Honor Society

Texas A&M University [August 2011-May 2015]

  • Forensic and Investigative Sciences Degree


  • Attention to detail
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Safety Management
  • Able to communicate accordingly
  • Able to thoroughly analyze information
  • Tolerate of graphic situations
  • Able to follow tight protocol

Persuasive Essay

    Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.(Swami Sivananda)I am a strong believer of this quote for the reason that it has taught me that dedicating all my effort is the key to achieving my goals. I believe I am the best candidate for this scholarship because I am dedicated and responsible especially when it comes to my education and I am passionate about helping others.

    College is the door that leads to a successful life but, it doesn't come so easily. Dedication and responsibility are the main factors that I practice in order to thrive in my educational career. Throughout my entire school career I have striven to obtain the highest grades possible and dedicated most of my afternoons studying and working on school related projects. Also I take my responsibilities as a student very seriously as a result, “slacking off” is something that I will never myself to do. Attending college has never been a dream of mine, it has been a goal that with my dedication and acknowledgement of my responsibilities hope to endeavor.

    Even though I dedicate all my effort to my educational career, I don't lose sight of other important aspects of life such as helping others. Ever since I was a little girl my parents noticed that being kind to those around me was part of who I was. I love to volunteer at my local hospital and practicing random acts of kindness wherever I go. Spreading kindness in my community is what I hope to achieve and one day I plan to start an organization that makes a difference in my community and on a larger scale.

    Dedication, responsibility and the passion for helping others are the attributes that I believe make me a great candidate for this scholarship. With this scholarship i hope to achieve great possibilities and contribute to the improvement of our society.

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