Ms. Stone's Trip to Japan

After a 12 hour flight, I have been very impressed with the comfort and exceptional care that JAL (Japanese Air Line) flight and flight attendants provided. Between staying up all night the night before departure and the comfortable seats, I slept through most of my flight. I did not, however, miss any of my meals on flight. At one point, a small container of strawberry ice cream was handed out for dessert!which has made my trip so far. I also spent a couple of hours watching movies such as If I stay, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I was too sleepy though, to stay awake long enougb to watch the entire movie.

Now, I have arrived at Narita airport and currently waiting for my connection to an airport in Nagoya. The airport is quite different here as you will have no stores once you enter the gate area like you would in standard airports in the U.S. However lots of stores with surveniors and food are available prior to passing security.

The standard time used here is military time so there is no confusion. Of course, if you know me I prefer this method of time better. The small island of Japan fits in one time zone and there is no time change across the country. In comparison to my home in the U.S. the time difference is 13 hours ahead here in Japan. It Sunday afternoon here while residents of my home town sleeps quitely, approaching Sunday morning.

When I arrive in Nagoya I will be meeting with my brother, John. We shared a few years of our childhood until our parents divorced when I was 6. Then we lived a seperate life for almoat 14 years. We had a cheerful reunion in the U.S. my freshmen year in college. Today, we will meet again after 5 years along with half siblings, in which we will meet for the first time in person!

What keeps me from that moment is this flight which will depart in a couple hours. As I am stuck in this airport, with me feet and ankles still swollen from the flight, I have no awesome pictures to share. Nor do I want to be suspected as a potential terrorist. (I have no intention of harming anybody or any structures of my home country). So I will leave with a snapshot of my carry-on items.

Day 1: Travel day

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