Career Research Project

Regional Sales Manager
Reid Gradert

University of Iowa State's main campus

Professional Requirements

In order to obtain this occupation, you must fullfil the following requirements:

Meeting Sales Goals, Negotiation, Selling to Customer Needs, Motivation for Sales, Sales Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Market Knowledge, Developing Budgets, Staffing

Educational Requirements

If you're interested in being a Regional Sales Manager, you must have the following

Must receive a High School Diploma

Must recieve a Bachelor's Degree. (If you're me, A wise choice would be Anything Agricultural Business, Business, Plant Sciences, and Agricultural Technology)

Iowa State University

Iowa State University is located in a small village called Ames. I chose Iowa State University because it offers many majors that can help me achieve my goal of becoming a Regional Sales Manager. Class sizes at the ISU aren't very big, which will give me more of an opportunity for one on one learning. Iowa State also provides hands on training for students in order to gain experince which entering the field of their choice. Just 20 minutes from the campus, ISU has a large farm that students work on, and care for. Which is very cool, that aside from class room education, you can recieve hands on education and learning as well.

"Obey the law, Be a gentleman" - Larry Johnsen, Jr.

Growing up while playing Football in Geneseo has taught me this. It's preached from 3rd grade, when you attend your first football camp, to the time you graduate high school, and even after high school, it's a great motto to live by. My dad's senior year was 1987, and he still lives by this motto to this very day. Before I go out with friends, or when I won't see my dad for a period of time, he always says " Obey the law, and be a gentleman" I plan to live by this motto for the rest of my life, because it perfectly describes the person I am, and will always be.

My Dad, he's my role model.

Well, I don't know where to begin. My dad is the picture perfect citizen and father that I hope to become one day. He's already taught me a billion lessons in just the first 16 years of my life, wether it was from sports, to work advice, or just life in general, he's been more than a huge help.  I can't explain how grateful I am that I have him in my life. I am truly blessed.

My dad has worked for five different comapnies in his life. He started at John Deere, then he got offered a job at a chemical company called BASF, after six years at BASF, my father persued a higher position at a Cooperative in Mendota, Illinois, called Northern Partners. After a while, he decided to apply for Calcium Products, and got that position, after accepting the job, my dad was offered a new job and decided to persue another job at the Chemical company called Cheminova, where he currently works today.  

Qutation Samdwich Regarding the Interview

According to Cheminova employee, Corey Gradert  being a regional sales manager requires being good with people and working alongside a team. "Building and presevering relationships is the most important part of my job." When becoming a sales manager, the first thing you need to obtain is amazing people skills, and while being confident yet comfortable with public speaking. Experience plays a huge role in being a regional sales manager, wether it's former  job experiences, public speaking courses, college courses, and training programs, all experiences have helped Corey reach his extraordinary comfort level with working with people and being able to enjoy his everyday job. Another huge part of this business is, Being able to rely on people that you form bonds with and work with over the years is a big part of being in sales. Meeting sale goals that are set prior to a selling period is the main objective of this business, because you form bonds and relationships with growers and suppliers, so you know that you can count on them and you'll regularly will have their business year after year.

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