European Exploration Proposal

By Ritika Allada      Block: 4

   Your majesty, I am from Spain. I kindly ask you to fund my trip to North America in 1540. After my trip to North America, people will think of you, King Philip II, as a wise and powerful king.

My Route to North America...

Over here is a safer and easier route to North America. Unlike sailing around Africa, there are no pirates that will attack our ship.

Spain's Resources...

  • 1.  The Seven Cities of Gold
  • 2.  Land
  • 3.  Riches

What I'm Seeking For...

  • 1.  The Seven Cities of Gold
  • 2.  Land/ Riches
  • 3.  Food
  • 4.  People

       I want to find the Seven Cities of Gold, more land, and riches so that Spain will be very powerful. I also want to find different food so that if I establish a settlement for Spain, I will have something to eat and can take some back to Spain.

      I would like 4 ships, one-hundred men, food, water, blankets, a compass, and other ship/exploration supplies. I need four ships and a hundred men so that we can reach North America and explore. I need food and water incase we get hungry or thirsty along the way and to survive in the new world. Finally, I need blankets, a compass, and other ship/exploration supplies to  look for the Seven Cities of Gold and so that my exploration will not be a waste. I will guarantee that I will pay you back with all the gold I will find.


Where am I going in North America?

     I've heard stories that there is a place called The Seven Cities of Gold. Once I reach the southwest in North America, I will look for it. look for it.  A man named Fray Marcos de Niza has seen the Seven Cities of Gold. He said that he saw a village with lots of people living in huge, golden homes. If I find the Seven Cities of Gold, I'll be sure to bring back as gold as possible for Spain. We will become the richest country in Europe!

            I am going to the Southwest because I heard a myth that the Seven Cities of Gold is located there. I really want to make Spain proud and think that I’m a hero if I find the Seven Cities of Gold.


I know that France and England are going to explore North America as well.

What they're seeking for...

- France: Fur for trade and River Passage to Asia

- England: Land and Route to Asia

The Columbian Exchange shows the what Europeans brought to the Americas and what they got from the Americas.


             I may run into any fights or other problems with the people there. To solve the problems, I will enslave the Native people and will fight against the other Europeans.

The Hardships/Obstacles and How I'll Overcome them...

        I may spread disease in North America and will have to fight and convert the Natives into Christians. I will overcome these obstacles by taking medicines with me. I will probably have to beat them up if they don’t want to convert. I will also steal all their valuables like gold so that Spain will have more riches.




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