The Chocolate Milk Adventure

Every day is an adventure. Every day holds a story.

In the past few weeks, I have learned more than I ever need to about chocolate milk. I've been drowning in statistics about carbs, and sugar, and nutritional value. Both sides have solid arguments for whether or not they think that drinking chocolate milk is a good option. Honestly? I'd rather drink water.

But this adventure is not about me.'s about a group of fifth grade students who are learning to take a stand about what they believe in.

Chocolate milk may seem like a silly subject to you. But I dare you to spend one day in our classroom and come out thinking the same thing. Because, chocolate milk is helping us be critical thinkers. It's helping us learn how to read sources for information. How to hear and think about both sides of an issue and base our opinions on facts - not just our gut reactions.

Chocolate milk is helping us... save endangered species. fight injustice. protect the environment.

Maybe not today. But SOMEDAY. Chocolate milk is helping us to learn skills that will help us stand up for what we believe - not just for a school assignment, but for things that are so much bigger.

THAT is an adventure.

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