A Guide to Buying Jewellery in Singapore

Singapore is known for its flavourful mix of continental and Asian cuisines, its rich cultural landscapes and its friendly people. But another thing Singapore is known for is its jewellery industry. From gold to diamonds to gems and jade, Singapore has just about anything you are looking for. There are hundreds of stores in Singapore, each catering to the different needs of every buyer. Most of them are under the Singapore Jewellers’ Association, an accredited organization of the jewellers in the country.

Before purchasing a jewellery in Singapore, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions set by the jewellery dealer. Read it in full so you know what you’re getting into. Ask for the warranty card, the papers, and all other related documents. Always ask for a proof of purchase.

Payments can be made over the counter through cash or through deposits, which work like instalment payments. Most people cannot afford to pay straight up, so the latter is a more convenient choice.

When bringing in an item for repairs or setting, the jeweller should properly indicate on the receipt the time it would take to get it done as well the estimated cost of the service. It also helps if you kept all the documents that came with the trinkets, as this would make the facilitation of the transaction easier.

One thing you should remember: majority of Singapore’s jewellery stores have a no exchange, no return policy, so think before you buy. Check if everything fits, if all is according to the set specifications and if everything you asked for is in place.

More than anything, you must always be sure to transact with a trustworthy dealer, so ensure that your purchasing experience will be a cheerful one. Check for documentation inside the store, like the different kinds of permits the owner must have, such as selling and business permits. Accommodating staff is a plus factor as well. Ask around for people who have purchased precious items in the past and ask about their experiences.

Whatever the occasion, Singapore jewellery stores always has something for you.