My Genus hour protect   

For my protect I'm researching about how helium is made and were its from.

   How is Helium made and were its found.

Helium was descoved in 1868 after a solar eclipse by Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockger. In places that has a lot of uranium ore, natural gas contain high portions of helium. The helium in the air  comes from alpha particles emitted by radioactive decay.


Helium is a gas and it's symbol is he a tonic number is 2. Its the second most common element and the mass is 24%. Helium is part of a noble element called noble gases. Helium is a Greek word meaning "sun." Helium has a melting point, it will melt at -272.0 c or -457.6 f.   

Did you know that the U.S. has the most helium in the world.

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