The Great Land Of Paraguay
By:Michael Provence

Paraguays History

     Paraguay has had a tragic history back in the older time and even recently the history been tragic. Also Paraguay had been involved in boundary and territory disputes in Brazil and Argentina.


Paraguay has really nice Landscaping/Monuments all around the country. Such as the Iguana Falls which is a really beautiful sight to see there and also is a very famous sight to see.


The Paraguay culture is highly influenced by various European countries, particularly Spain. Also, Paraguays language Guarani is generally understood by 95% of the population and the Spanish language is understood by 90% of the population. One of the pastries that Paraguay has the Paraguay Cream Filled Cookie Cake The Population is 6802295


Paraguay is a "landlocked" nation in the heart of South America, meaning that the country itself does not reach the oceans. The Paraguay River splits Paraguay in two and is the definition of the country's main "biogeographic regions". Paraguay is also a subtropical, humid climate. If you ask me it doesn't sound relaxing or pleasing to me at all.

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