Friends or Enemies?

I never thought Karolina and I would be in the predicament that we are in right now. We've ever had a cat clawing, eye-scratching fight before.  She talked about me all the time because she felt like her boyfriend liked me at the time, but in reality... he didn't.  I never thought the girl I was friends with would ever talk about me the way she did.. calling me a whore, bitch, slut.. any name you could think of.  And in all honesty.. I didn't deserve it.  She apologized for accusing me and her boyfriend of hooking up.. it made my relationship hell because my boyfriend thought the same thing, and in reality.. i never even talked to her boyfriend. I never used any fighting words to call her out of her name. She called me out of mine, but she did way worse things in her relationship than I could count. She cheated on her boyfriend 2 times... so why was I being called a slut, when I was faithful in my relationship?  She got mad at me for telling her to tell her boyfriend what she had done.. but she didn't have to follow my advice.  I just told her what would be right, she never had to take the advice.  What I done, could have been anyone's advice, taking my advice was her mistake.  If I ever did that to my boyfriend, which I never would, I would have told him no matter what advice people would give me.

Karolina talks to me every once in awhile, but I know deep down, she thinks the whole break up between her boyfriend was all my fault.  And I don't care, let her think that.  I just gave the advice anyone else would have given her.

I never would think we would thaw out of the iceberg tundra we were in. But I guess I would rather have a few friends then have one that called me rude names.  She apologized the first time for accusing... but the second time, she never apologized because she honestly th