Chile is the world largest producer and exporter of copper. Chile has a reputation for its strong financial institution and has the strongest sovereign  rating in south America. Chiles main trading partners are the united states, Argentina and Japan. On February 27, 2010 a powerful earthquake caused $30 billion dollars in damage and slowed GDP growth for a while.  

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most of the Chileans are Roman Catholics. Catholicism was brought to chile by the Spanish during the colonial era. The Roman Catholic Church is a strong social church throughout Latin America. In chile the church is known to be particularly conservative and have a powerful influence over Chilean politics. An example of the conservative church was that Chile was one of the last countries in the world lo legalize divorce.

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Spanish is the official language of chile. Chile has at least 8 different indigenous languages that continue to be spoken today. Two of those languages have been recorded but are known to be extinct.

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