Digital Safety by                                                                                jeffrey k

                         digital access  

                                             keep your info offline

you need to keep your computer safe .Only tell your family teachers or people you can trust your passwords.

             digital commerce

we use it when we need it to get something we cant find

i think we need digital commence for if like you need to get some thing and your doctor says you cant drive. you might also need to get medicine

        digital communication

we need to keep in touch

i think we need digital communication to keep in touch and to talk to friends or family. or you might need to call for help.

                    digital literacy

we need to read

i think we need digital literacy to get books we cant find or to just get it for less. we also need it for school.

              digital etiquette

etiquette is inportant

i think that we definitely need  digital etiquette so we don't hurt anyone's feeling even if its a know one gets hurt.

                                            digital   law

we need to enforce the law even on the internet

digital law is basically digital etiquette. but also enforcing it

            digital responsibility

be the responsible one

we need to have responsibility and be if you need to send some thing to your teacher like hw so you make  a alarm .

       digital health & wellness

we need to give the sick medicine

we need digital health to some times get pills or medicine . or a refill on your inhaler

                    digital security

make your life safe

you need to make sure that you are safe on your computer and know one knows your info so they don't come to your house.

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