The Shack

Reflection Part Two By: Jailyn BAker- SHawler

Cast of Characters

If you were producing the movie of "The Shack". who would you cast as the main characters: Papa, Sarayu, Jesus, Mack & Missy?Which actor would or actress would play that character and why?

I think for Papa I would pick Woody Harrelson. When ever i see him, he always seems to look like a person who be a wise father figure. I feel like if I were to have a conversation with him, I would learn a lot more than I would talking to any one else. For Sarayu, I would pick Doona Bae. Whenever I see her in an interview, she always seems so calm and collected. She seems like the type of person who would answer your question with another question; because she knows you already know the answer. For Jesus, I think that I would pick Keanu Reeves. I don't know what it is about Keanu Reeves, but when I picture someone as Jesus, I think about Keanu Reeves, with a tan and long hair.For Mack I think I would pick Micheal Weatherly. I've seen a lot of shows and movies that he's been in, and some of the characters are very similar to Mack when it comes to how Mack thinks, and what he;s been through. For Missy, I think that I would pick Mackenzie Foy. I would Pick her because she radiates the kind of innocence that Missy has, but also the maturity and understanding that Missy had even for a little kid.


Events in the Plot

What events would you make sure were apart of the Movie?

I would make sure that all the scenes where Mack meets Papa, Jesus, Sarayu, and the Judge are in there. I would include the scene where Mack explains God to the children through a story about a Native American Princess. All of these scenes show you the moments that really define him, and get him to come to the conclusion he made in the end.

Deleted Scenes

A scene that I would probably cut out would be some of the longer parts of Missy's funeral. i don't think the scene should be so long in the movie.

Creative Licence

I think that I would have made so that Nan was there at the camp when Missy was taken. I think that Nan's appearance and perspective were a little under developed and that she should hav had more interactive scenes.

Personal Epiphany

What did the book teach you about how you can interact with god?

For me, it kind of blew mind with all of these different images or looks for god. I would have never pictured god as a big black women, or Jesus as a work wearing jeans and a t-shirt. When I think of god now all of those pictures fit him perfectly in my mind. They make him seem more familiar, and within reach.

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