Gr k-12 Mobile Technology

How to utilize Mobile Technologies in Education

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What is it? Kindles are an example of ereaders. They are small devices that printed works such as books, articles or PDF files can be bought or downloaded onto and read.

How can it be used? Instead of a student having multiple text books to carry around a student could have all of their school reading material on a kindle. While reading on a kindle you can search for words, highlight and make notes.


What is it? Mitosis by Inkling Inc. is an iphone or ipad that helps explain the process of mitosis.

How can it be used? Students struggling in biology or that have missed labs can see images of mitosis as seen in a light microscope. They can also explore video content, lectures, important terms and additional resources.


What is it? Quizlet is a website and mobile app that allows access flash cards as well as make their own.

How can it be used? Students can use Quizlet to create study cue cards, match terms with definitions, play learning games and quiz themselves. Another great thing for parents and students using Quizlet is they can and track their learning progress

Lego Robotics

What is it? Lego Robotics is easily programmable construction kits for building robots.

How can it be used? Student can learn hands on how to build devices that apply to other areas of learning. For example, say you wanted students to understand how bugs use their antenna they could use Lego robotics. Students can build robots that use different kinds of sensors simulating how bugs use their antenna.

Smart Phones

What is it? Smart phones are cell phones that offer more applications, similar usually to that of a computer or tablet such as apps, video and image capturing and internet access.

How can it be used? Students can use smart phones in a variety of ways whether it be surfing the web or using apps such as Mitosis and Quizlet. Smart phones can also access social networking sites such as twitter, where students can post questions or answers on a class page.

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