"App"ly Your Skills!!

Useful Apps in Classrooms K-12
(Yes its a bad pun, just take it in)

These 5 apps are extremely useful in the class room to make sure the exercise or content you want to teach is successful!

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Function: To provide opportunity to better your math skills through various exercises and drills.

Why It Is Useful In The Classroom: With any math class practice makes perfect. But it can get tedious and cyclical. What better opportunity than to better your skills  through fun games and competitions giving you your practice whilst giving you a competitive edge.

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Function: To provide easy access the scientific periodic table and help students and other individuals alike to remember and use the periodic table.

Why Is It Useful In Class: It's very resourceful as the students can pull up a periodic table and follow along successfully with the lesson or exercise. As well it has other features such as a quiz feature to test and improve knowledge.

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Function: Lets it's users view news segments and current articles done by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Why Is It Useful In Class: It allows students to view current up to date news and articles to help with assignment and lessons in class, as well as encourage discussions in classes such as social studies, english, science, etc. Many teachers encourage active participation in the world's affairs even if it is just knowing what is going on.

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Function: To read and make files that range from documents, to spreadsheets, to PDF's.

Why It Is Useful In Class: Allows the students to access documents like word, excel, and adobe PDF's that many teachers use to create assignments and notes. This way the students can access it on their mobile device and complete the exercise or follow the content presented in class.

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Function: Replaces classroom management tools and allows instant communication between students and teachers.

Why Is It Useful In Class: Easier to give large feedback in class almost instantly, and make sometimes tedious exercises such as taking attendance or giving a gold star for a terrific effort simple and quick.

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