In Class Narative

Behold the Sexy Russian

In class we are studying the Stanislavsky method which seems complicated but isn't really that complicated. Basically Stanislavsky created this method to make Russian plays more believable because apparently all you need to be a good actor in Russia during this time period was the ability to be loud and over dramatic.
Stanislavsky wanted Russian Theater to be natural. So he introduced things like the "Magic If" which basically means if you were Juliet what you do? (Personally I would dump Romeo but apparently you can't do that)
He also introduced Given Circumstances which we came up in sophomore year for our character bios. It means what are the given circumstances of your character. Sometimes it tells you and sometimes you have to make it up.
He apparently discovered Imagination at least according that's what it seems like according slide show you showed us on him. Why people didn't know that I have no idea.
Subtext is also important because with most people they don't show what they're feeling like when I said a couple of days ago during check in that I was bursting with every possible emotion. You didn't believe it. I was just showing you me being stoic while what I was doing showed that I was bursting with emotions.
I feel like I was a Risk Taker because although at first I didn't understand the method. I volunteered (as tribute.) The reason I volunteered was so I could understand it better. That seems to me the definition of a risk taker wanting to do something they don't understand.