Southern colonies

Colonies: Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina

VA founding: by Virginia Company of London for trading and wealth

GA founding: by James Oglethorpe to help poor people escape debt

MD founding: by Lord Baltimore as a religious haven for Catholics

NC and SC founding: by Proprietors as a reward for loyalty to King Charles 2

Southern Colony Environment: the Southern colonies were known for their agriculture (plantations, slaves, and cash crops)

Southern Colony Government: The Southern Colonies were a Democratic government. They were part of the same region, but each had different laws. The first Representative government was the Virginia House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was established by the Virginia Company as a royal charter. The representatives were chosen by the colonists and made up their government

Slavery: The South depended on slaves to tend to their cash crops on the plantations. Like most slaves they were mistreated and just used for the colonists work in the fields.

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