Characterization: Beatty

Fireman captain


Captain Beatty is directly characterized as smart in the novel Fahrenheit 451. An example of this from the story is Beattys' vast knowledge for books. He uses several refrences from the bible like " you think you can walk on water with your books." In the story Montag is lectured by Beatty as a result from him not coming to work. Captain Beatty explains how books were banished and were to be burned. Beattys' knowledge for books could indicate that he once had a love for books. Or it could indicate that captain Beatty went through the same crisis Montag is going through. We know he has a knowledge of books and their history through his refrences.


Beatty can be characterized inderectly as unhappy. At the end of the story right before he is killed he does not try to save himself or persuade montag to stop. This may indicate that Beatty was unhappy with his life. Beatty may have wanted to feel different about books but because he could not understand he insisted to burn them. In Fahrenheit 451 Beatty can be indirectly characterized as unhappy though the book did not specifically tell us.

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