Basketball Coaches

Beginning Salary-----A beginning salary for a basketball coach is probably around 1.4 million dollars. That's a lot of money for a beginning salary!

Education/Training-----To become a basketball coach you need to have a Bachelor degree in physical sciences and coaching. He/She must have coach experience in lower grades, such as school coaches.And of course you need to know what basketball is!

Description-----Being a coach must take a lot of work. You have to take a bunch of classes and train for them. You also have to have a lot of  experience in coaching too. I was thinking about being a basketball coach, but now i know how much work it must take!

Helpful Subjects in High School-----You would probably need to be a physical education teacher. You would also need to take biology to help players with their injuries.

Career Cluster----- On a career cluster in would be under Human Services.

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