Catcher In The Rye
Mikayla Gomez


"What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of good- by" (Salinger 4).

"Sometimes I act older than I am-I really do- People never notice it. People never notice anything" (9).


"He didn't want you to think he was visiting you or anything. He wanted you to think he'd come in by mistake,  for God's sake" (20).

This relates innocence to awareness. In this paragraph Holden is trying to preserve childhood when he asks childish. He judges people for who they are. He is reacting like this because he is going through a difficult time in his life. Acting innocent lets him have some charge in his life. Acting like a child is an outlet for him to express his feelings.

"He always looked all right, Stradlater, but for instance, you should' ve seen the razor he shaved himself with" (27).

This relates to the topic of the american dream. Everything is set up for their future and these characters will stop at nothing until their dream is achieved. They will use anything to stay on the well worn path their parents set out for them.  Also illustrates that the characters are too afraid to rebel against the path set out for them. Holden does this because he gets kicked out of many schools and do not have the same values everyone else does.


"I told him I wasn't going to chuck it at anybody, but he wouldn't believe me. People never believe you" (37).

Holden is CALLOUS by these comment said to him. Many people view him as irresponsible and a little child. His CLANDESTINE is that he wants to preserve time and is sacred of what the future holds for him. He seems to have no COMPUNCTION about doing so when he reflects about the past. Holden is ELATED when his friends and him can go to the movies and out of the dorms. When Holden wanted to start on Stradlater's essay he  QUELLED at Ackley to get out of their dorm so he could study.


Holden is very curious about the date Stradlater went on. When Stradlater does not answer his questions, Holden gets curious and rips the FACSIMILE paper that Stradlater was going to turn in. This causes a chain of reaction. Stradlater uses TRENCHANT  force that makes Holden wake up on the floor. The TANGIBLE effect of the punch did not hurt him. The two teenagers remaines TACIT at each other for a while. Stradlater shows COMPASSION to Holden by offering a medical kit after their little brawl.


1.) Is Holden still jealous of Stradlater's date and why does he feel so depressed?

2.) Why does Holden always lie about his current situation with people he interact with?

3.) Why doesn't Holden like bald men?

4.) What type of person is ideal for Holden?

5.) Why didn't Jane and Holden get into a relationship?

6.)  Is Jane's personality like Phobe's?

7.) What does Holden mean when he says, " People clap for the wring reason" ?

8.) What does the yellowness signify?


1.) Holden wants to stop time and to prevent his loved ones to not go into the worldof phoniness.

2.)  Holden wants to distance himself from his conflicts of life.

3.) When Holden stops looking at adulthood negatively, he becomes happy when he looks at adulthood as a cycle.


1.) Why does not Holden defend himself when Maurice is threatening him?

2.) Why did Holden give Sally a call and not Jane?

3.) Why would Holden get jealous over Sally talking to another guy even though he does not like her?