European Exploration

By: Adithya Pradosh

As I assume, you, King Louis XII, know about this so proclaimed, "New World" that is said to have much gold. So far, however, no one has been able to successfully  promise you that this gold can be obtained. I can promise you that this gold will be yours by the time I come back.

The resources I will be looking for are gold, fur, because they are of international value and can be sold for gold, and natives, because I can trade with them for gold and fur.

I will leave to Southeastern Canada, near the St. Lawrence River, where I can build a fort.

However, two other countries stand in our way. Spain and England are struggling for dominance for the new world. Spain & England are looking for gold, like me. Luckily, Spain & England are looking at conquering other places, not as good as the place I have picked out for our settlement.

I will handle conflicts with the other Europeans by spotting their ship first and firing at them. If I cannot find a habitable area, I will have to take over another European fort. The Europeans will get nowhere close to our settlement.

I will take a compass to direct our ship if we get lost. If I encounter natives, then I will try to get on friendly terms with them. I will also trade with them to get gold and fur.

I hope you make the wise choice of choosing me!

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I really liked your front cover:)

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